Hello, my name is Ryan Button. I was born and raised in a little city called Leicester, UK in 1982.

I studied and graduated with a B.A. degree in Multimedia Design from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

I do enjoy illustrating in various styles and working alongside various companies within the music, movie and gaming industries.

I’m always trying new ways of being creative with such digital programs as Photoshop  and Clip Paint Studio, where work in progress and experiments can be found on my Facebook page or Instagram account.

For commission details, please contact me on the Contact page.

Creative Work History

Sony Playstation, Motorstorm Apocalypse: Created illustrations where players can use the artwork to customize their racing vehicles for online multiplayer gaming. After the release of the game in March 2011, I produced several more illustrations for the game’s DLCs that were released later on in 2011, many of the illustrations were used to promote the content on the Playstation Store.

Epson, Facebook Game tabs: Producing illustrations to accompany an Epson Facebook promotion for their series of hi end projectors. Fans of Epson could download the illustrations to use as their cover photos in order to be in a chance of winning Epson products.

The Fort (film): Storyboards for film’s script as well as producing all of the film’s promotional material. The work produced helped gather interest in the production of the film and additional financing for completing the movie.

Crazy Comets and Tap Track Heroes: Gaming apps for iOS and Android devices. Produced characters, animation and backgrounds to both titles.

Produced promotional artwork for Deadly Avenger’s music track that accompanied Mondo’s
He-Man 1/6 scale figure video commercial.

Illustrated cover art for Mark Day and Cody Carpenter’s album Shadow Spirits Vol. 1.

Produced storyboards and promotional artwork that was used to submit to various television companies.

Transformers, Comic: Providing colour flats for two stories of issues five and ten and full colours for issues 11 which went on sale at selected newsagents.

Untitled film, Storyboarding: Four concepts to illustrate key scenes in the film’s story.

Illustrative short story: Producing a series of illustrations for various magazine articles which were made avaliable at music venues.


  • Work featured in Teen Spirit Magazine Issue 02 and also featured on Creative Boom
  • Exhibited with the Hero of Switzerland collective in London at Lomography and the VZ Gallery in Shoreditch.
  • Co-founder of the Leicester illustration group where we have exhibited at the Crumblin’ Cookie.
Sony – Motorstorm – Little Monsters
Sony – Motorstorm – Undead Cowboy
Sony – Motorstorm – Robo Ninja
Sony – Motorstorm – Creature
Sony – Motorstorm – Halloween
Sony – Motorstorm – Winter
Sony – Motorstorm – Horror Stickers
Sony – Motorstorm – Horror Stickers 02
Commission – Shadow Spirits
Commission – Teraphenia Logo
Commission – Death By Video Logo
Commission – Sincuit EP Cover
Sanxion Digital – Crazy Comets
Sanxion Digital – Tap Track Heroes
Sanxion Digital – Tap Track Heroes
Sanxion Digital – Tap Track Heroes
Digital Art – 01
Digital Art – 02
Digital Art – 03
Digital Art – 04
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Storyboard 01
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Storyboard 02
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Storyboard 03
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Storyboard 04
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Promotional Material 01
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Promotional Material 02
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Promotional Material 03
7/5 Productions – The Fort – Promotional Material 04
Tee Design – Meh of The Universe
Tee Design – Doc Who
Tee Design – X-Men Youth
Tee Design – Shrug
Mediaola Ltd – Agent Bling
Mediaola Ltd – Bling Storyboard
Mediaola Ltd – Neville
Mediaola Ltd – Hanna
Epson – Facebook Cover – Sci-fi
Epson – Facebook Cover – Retro
Epson – Facebook Cover – Fantasy
Epson – Facebook Cover – Sport
Hobbit Gamers – Main Characters
Hobbit Gamers – Game Characters
Hobbit Gamers – Logo
Hobbit Gamers – Artist Profile
Titan Magazine – Transformers 01
Titan Magazine – Transformers 02
Titan Magazine – Transformers 03
Titan Magazine – Transformers 04
Illustration – Happy Ending
Illustration – Richard The Third’s Ghost
Illustration – First Hero
Illustration – Disney Vs The World